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This is the current home of the MidWatch Development group. The web space is kindly provided by Source Forge.

What is MidWatch ?

MidWatch is an open source automated build engine that does full source-to-setup building of VC++ using the Microsoft IDE (win32 environment), Rational's ClearCase, and any installation package the runs on the command line.
It should easily be configured to interface with other SCMs such as SourceSafe, CVS, Continuus, or whatever you may be using.

MidWatch is currently written in Visual Basic, but there are plans to convert to Visual C++. Builds are normally scheduled on a daily basis, but MidWatch can be configured for more frequent builds is you have a really short QA cycle.

You have permission to come aboard!

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No, the author, Eric Woolhiser, is not mutli lingual! I have only two years of high school French, a year of German, and some self-taught Church Latin. I have recently discovered babel.altavista.com and have provided some rudimentary navigation to support browsing this website in the languages to the left. MidWatch is not set up with string tables, and there are no easy hooks to internationize it. If there is demand for that, I'll need a voluntier!